Engaging audiences through interactive fun and stories that inspire "ah-ha" moments.

Using healthy doses of “real talk” and relatable humor, Monica tackles a variety of topics from corporate culture and women in the workplace to productivity and innovation. With a maverick attitude, Monica is all about encouraging people to adopt a "Move-it" mindset. Whether it's moving forward, moving obstacles out of the way, or just plain moving, she believes that taking action is key to getting things done and will make you believe it too!

If you're looking for a dynamic speaker who's guaranteed to bring some serious energy to your meeting or program, look no further.

No one needs another monotone speaker or boring PowerPoint presentation.

- Monica

“My goal is to energize and re-energize, leaving everyone feeling excited and ready to crush their personal and professional goals.”

Some topic areas to explore:

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Get ready for an exciting, relatable, frank, and funny conversation with Monica. There won't be smiles on cue and warm fuzzies. Instead, with some real talk and audience participation, Monica will uncover what motivates you.

Introducing the "Move It" Mentality - a perfect balance of tough love and motivation designed to shake up the team's routine and drive productivity. It's all about inspiring employees to step out of their comfort zones and take control of their personal and professional growth. Under Monica's guidance, they will learn to embrace challenges, push their limits, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Innovation is no longer an option. Companies that neglect innovation will meet their demise. This fact is well-known, yet countless well-intentioned employees and companies struggle with innovation daily due to limited time and resources. Monica will challenge companies to venture beyond their comfort zones and establish a culture of innovation that focuses on the responsibility every employee has to innovate. She will demonstrate how to transform ideas into positive change in organizations and avoid a "Kodak moment."

Being “one of the boys” in a male-dominated industry, Monica has developed a unique perspective on equity in the workplace. As a fierce female force in a male-dominated world, Monica’s on a mission to empower women to not look to their male colleagues to promote and empower them, but to look in the mirror.

Monica is on a mission to empower women, drawing from her experience as a fierce female presence in a male-dominated industry. She has developed a unique perspective on workplace equity and is determined to break barriers. In this highly sought-after talk, Monica provides invaluable guidance to women. Instead of waiting for a seat at the table, she encourages them to take charge and create their own opportunities. Monica shares strategies on how to assertively navigate their careers, negotiate effectively, and recognize their true worth. It's time for women to unleash their inner badass, transform their dreams into reality, and shatter the glass ceiling.

In the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), Monica is at the forefront, guiding companies towards fully embracing and living their commitments. While many companies have made pledges to DE&I, Monica recognizes that they often fall short in actual implementation. In her presentation, audiences will be equipped with practical and actionable steps to begin embodying their DE&I commitments effectively.

Monica is all about leading by example, and in her presentation titled "Be The Change," she inspires others to discover the silver lining in negative situations and harness that energy for driving positive change. By demonstrating the power of mindfulness in the workplace, she imparts valuable lessons on leading with a positive attitude and cultivating a culture of growth and success.

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"Monica is a speaker who really prepares and delivers. She’s a top tier, strategic business leader, yet understands consumers and society. She also engages audiences with candid answers. She has spoken at our events from Latin America to Europe and we’d welcome her back any time." 

“Monica pushes the status quo, asks the right questions and challenges the way we’ve always done things as an industry. She pushed us to be consumer-centric and then helped facilitate the right conversations to bring others along.”

- Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global

- Industry executive

What they say?