Hey there! I'm Monica, and shaking things up is my superpower.

Let's not talk about why we can't do something, let's talk about how we can. For the past 30-plus years, I've been hyped up on coffee and hopping around the globe, navigating the ever-changing and uber-challenging business landscape 24/7.

I've seen firsthand the impact of effective strategies that drive growth, innovation, and success, but sadly, I have also witnessed the ugliness of the not-so-effective strategies and teams. 

Let me challenge you to challenge the status-quo and leave you and your employees more confident, productive and effective. Forget the fancy words and unattainable goals.

I’m all about real, tangible impact.

Monica’s Story


Raised in a small, rural town in Upstate New York, Monica had dreams of the world beyond. So, when her guidance counselor told her college was a waste of money for girls who would end up married with kids, Monica's response was a resolute "Watch me now." That response has become the driving force behind her life. With relentless determination, Monica defied expectations, earned her degree, and embarked on a career in the agriculture and consumer goods industry - one that has left an indelible mark. All the while, she raised two incredible children and managed a semi-smooth household (admittedly, laundry was never folded and Hot Pockets were a staple).

Monica's unyielding spirit and her resolute "watch me now" attitude propelled her to the pinnacle of the corporate world where every obstacle was met head-on and conquered, solidifying her reputation as a fearless leader and, despite being a woman in the workplace, as "one of the boys"—a moniker she proudly embraced and leveraged to break down barriers and forge meaningful connections along the way. Perhaps, she's always been a rebel with a cause.

Throughout her career, Monica held a variety of roles and was given increasing responsibilities, including shaping corporate strategy, managing communications and crisis, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, driving sustainability and ESG initiatives, developing leaders, leading innovation, and navigating brand positioning. And, as EVP and Chief of Staff, she was the thought partner to other executives.

In 2022, she made the bold decision to depart from the corporate realm and establish her own business, using her wealth of experience to empower others. Her remarkable journey serves as a testament to her unwavering spirit, and her ability to thrive in any environment inspires others to defy stereotypes and pursue their ambitions with unapologetic confidence.

Whether delivering a keynote address, leading a workshop, or hosting a panel discussion, Monica will bring infectious energy to your program.

- Monica

 "Let’s challenge the status quo"