Looking to transform your organization into a force to be reckoned with?

When it comes to helping companies achieve their full potential, Monica doesn't hold back. Drawing upon her expertise in navigating complex business environments, Monica partners with organizations of all sizes – from start-ups to established enterprises – to discover their competitive advantage and elevate their business.

With her broad background and proven expertise in effective communications, strategic planning, innovation, change management, and team leadership, Monica helps companies discover untapped opportunities for growth and turn them into reality.

Whether you're struggling to identify your competitive advantage, looking to focus on leadership and team excellence, or wanting to bring about ambitious change, Monica will work with you and your team to make sure that you're not just talking about solutions, but putting them into action.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

- monica

"I'm not afraid to challenge the status quo and encourage your team to break through barriers. Together, we will create a culture of innovation, foster collaboration, and inspire individuals to unlock their full potential."

Check Her Credentials

  • Led company through significant managerial, strategic, and cultural change.
  • Transformed corporate communications from reactive to proactive, building an award-winning in-house team.
  • Established accelerator programs, incubation projects, and organized summits for securing funding and support of innovation.
  • Drove employee engagement with recognition platforms, development opportunities, and executive leadership programs.
  • Led the implementation of DE&I program in a non-diverse workplace.
  • Challenged the status quo...daily.
  • Pushed boundaries!

Discover why Monica Massey is the ultimate go-to choice for businesses that are hungry to drive exponential growth, unlock untapped potential, and achieve extraordinary results. As a renowned rule breaker and a firm believer in producing real, tangible outcomes, Monica stands out as a powerhouse consultant who can propel your organization to new heights of greatness.

What they say?

"Monica is a speaker who really prepares and delivers. She’s a top tier, strategic business leader, yet understands consumers and society. She also engages audiences with candid answers. She has spoken at our events from Latin America to Europe and we’d welcome her back any time." 

“Monica pushes the status quo, asks the right questions and challenges the way we’ve always done things as an industry. She pushed us to be consumer-centric and then helped facilitate the right conversations to bring others along.”

- Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global

- Industry executive

What they say?